A large part of my flat is covered with hard floor. While dusting and vacuuming is not really a problem, stains can be hard for me to get rid of. Looked for Carpet Cleaners LTD and they had exactly what i needed. All of the stale stains were easily removed. I felt no smell and the floor was dry the moment these guys left. Really happy with the assistance, will call again.


My wife insists on having carpets at home and it is a pain to maintain them in a good shape. Most of them are bright and dirt really shows. I booked professional cleaners for the first time in my life and was astonished by their effectiveness. Not sure exactly what they did but the cleaners were careful with their brushes and my rugs looked like new. Even got rid of some of the fading.


It was time for me to move my store in a larger property. I was moving out of the old one and since I wasn’t the owner I had to leave it in a great shape. Made a booking for end of tenancy cleaning by Carpet Cleaners LTD. In the end the premises looked so nice that I wasn’t sure whether I want to leave or not. No faded spots were present on the walls and the floor.