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Phone: 0161 354 3833
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It is imperative that you are fully informed prior to making an investment into professional cleaning service.

This is why in addition to our skilled workers we also have well-trained customer service associates armed with all the info you need regarding our sanitation assistance. Make sure you contact us in order to get familiar with what we offer. Call us on the phone and speak to an associate of Carpet Cleaning LTD.

We don’t have recorded messages and you do not speak with a machine. No time is spent being on hold as well. You are immediately connected with a real person and are able to lay out your sanitation issues. Since we live in the Global age, you can also contact us via chat through our website. It is a convenient feature for people who are not able to speak on the phone in that very moment.

Emails are also a fine way to get a hold of us. All you have to do is to write us at: [email protected]. We will be able to promptly return a detailed answer to your questions with thorough information. You will be made aware of our deals and discounts. You can get a package offer if you opt to book us for more than one service.

Make sure you plan out your own schedule as we are prepared to work around it. Our goal is to least disturb your everyday life and this is why you can book us on any day of the week. Our cleaners are available even during weekends and holidays. We can also help you with your sanitation endeavours daily even outside of business hours. For emergency cleaning tasks, again, call us. We have a team of technicians ready to show up on a short notice if needed. For larger scale jobs in London, booking in advance is recommended as there might be planning involved.